Creating a Successful Shoot on a Budget

“We all love to create a collection to keep our profiles rolling or just simply to inspire ourselves. We are creatives, and our juices need to keep flowing for personal and professional growth. Of course, this costs money… and you don’t always have the budgets or the time to have a ‘play day’!

“I’ve found a great way around this is by booking one hot model – then, by creating a thoughtful plan, you can get a low-cost collection to flaunt to your peers and clients. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new.

“It’s worth the time searching for the right model – she/he is the key to a successful shoot. We chose Maddie from Nevs because she had a fresh and versatile look and she was great fun, so we knew we would get great energy. We wanted a long, blonde-haired girl to go with a Californian look, and natural movement was also key. CLICK HERE to see the full article at

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