Learn How Hormones Play an Important Role in Hair Loss


Hormones can play a significant role in hair loss. Here we discover some of the science involved in typical male pattern baldness, as well as details about other hormonal factors that can cause various types of hair loss.

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50 Best Hair Care Secrets Revealed

There are good secrets and there are bad secrets. The best kind of secrets, though, are the kind that allow you to better yourself. Little “tricks” or “tips” of sorts that should be common knowledge, but aren’t. These are the kind of secrets that should be disseminated widely so they aren’t secrets anymore.

Today I’m dishing on hair secrets (naturally!) and I have some positively juicy tidbits that’ll make you say to yourself, “Ooh! I’ve never thought of doing that before!”

I’m not saying the below information will change your life or anything, but I can say with utmost certainty that you will walk away with more hair knowledge and know-how than you did before reading. And that’s a wonderful thing, hair lovers. CLICK HERE for the 50 Best Hair Care Secrets Revealed, at latest-hairstyles.com

If you want a bright future and the chance to reach your full potential, then New College is a great place to be!

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Big Hair Do 2016 Participating Salons Are Revealed!

Big Hair Do 2016 participating salons are revealed!

Big Hair Do 2016 is taking place on Wednesday 28th September and here is the list of all the salons taking part.

Big Hair Do 2016 is coming to a salon near you on the evening of Wednesday 28th September.

Salons all over the country have signed up to take part – if your salon is on the list then get in touch to make sure they save you a space. And we’ve got more to come – we will keep you updated as the list gets longer.

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REVIEWED: The mid life makeover at NashWhite, Leamington Spa!

REVIEWED: The mid life makeover at NashWhite, Leamington Spa

Layered tester Jules has just celebrated her 40th, so we sent her for a hair overhaul – read on to find out what she thought… CLICK HERE for the article at layeredonline.com

10 things to know about working as a hairdresser on a movie set.

10 Things To Know About Working as a Hairdresser on a Movie Set – HJi

Working as a hairdresser on a movie set sounds like the dream for lots of budding session stylists, but the reality isn’t all glitz and glamour. CLICK HERE for the full article at HJi.

Layered’s Big Hair Do 2016

Layered’s Big Hair Do 2016

Following on from the success of last year’s Big Hair Do we’re now getting ready for this year’s and it’s going to be even bigger and better than before.

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5 Ways to Prep Your Hair Before Your Summer Holiday

5 ways to prep your hair before your summer holiday

Melissa North of George’s Hairdressing in Leicester knows a thing or two about hair. We got the lowdown on what you should (and shouldn’t!) be doing in the days before you jet off… CLICK HERE for the full article.

Top Knots For Top Girls

Top Knots for Autumn – Rush Hair & Beauty

Top knots are here in all shapes and sizes this autumn, from straight and slick to big and messy, buns are taking on new heights this autumn. As we welcome in the start of London Fashion Week, we wanted to share a quick and easy way to stay on trend from some top girls at the very top of the top knot trend! CLICK HERE for full article.

5 things you should tell your hairdresser | Rush Hair & Beauty

5 things you should tell your hairdresser | Rush Hair & Beauty

We’ve all been there, we have an idea in our head of our perfect hair style, whether we’re lusting after Blake Lively’s blonde highlights or Kate Middleton’s bouncy blowdry. Yet when we’re in the chair we go blank and can’t quite articulate how we want it and spend the whole appointment hoping our hairstylist telepathically understands what we have in mind…