Sustainability Matters

Minimising our impact on the environment has always been important to Easyfoil – not just recently but for the last 20 years. We have always avoided the use of plastics in our products and packaging and we continue to find ways of reducing waste and recycling more materials.

We use a high grade Aluminium for our foil products. Aluminium is one of the world’s easist products to recycle. The process can put a brand new recycled product on the shelf within two months and Aluminium can be recycled time and time again without any reduction in quality.

To reinforce our message you will now see our recycling sticker on the Trio Workstation waste bin to encourage more salons to collect used foil strips and recycle them.

Creating a Successful Shoot on a Budget

“We all love to create a collection to keep our profiles rolling or just simply to inspire ourselves. We are creatives, and our juices need to keep flowing for personal and professional growth. Of course, this costs money… and you don’t always have the budgets or the time to have a ‘play day’!

“I’ve found a great way around this is by booking one hot model – then, by creating a thoughtful plan, you can get a low-cost collection to flaunt to your peers and clients. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new.

“It’s worth the time searching for the right model – she/he is the key to a successful shoot. We chose Maddie from Nevs because she had a fresh and versatile look and she was great fun, so we knew we would get great energy. We wanted a long, blonde-haired girl to go with a Californian look, and natural movement was also key. CLICK HERE to see the full article at

Round up of Top Beauty and Hair Trends from the Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week marks the end of a crazy month of fashion runway shows and trends this season. And while most of the world’s eyes were glued to what the models were wearing at the runway, our eyes were more keen on the hair and beauty trends we’ve seen the models strut. We’re quite impressed with the variety of looks that were featured particularly the ones that added a modern twist to usual classics.
Shall we get started on our rundown of our favourite hair and beauty moments from this year’s Paris Fashion Week? CLICK HERE for the full article at

Mums’ Night Off With Anthony John Salon

Last week I was invited to Anthony John Salon in Lichfield for a Mum’s night off. The salon had invited me to spend the evening with their stylists to learn some tips of the trade, get some advice on my hair troubles and find out why the salon stands out above the rest when it comes to customer service.
The salon, set in the Heart of the Country Shopping Village, looked really stylish from the outside so I couldn’t wait to go in and meet the team. As soon as I walked in, my nerves disappeared as I was greeted by Faye and salon owner himself, Tony who were both very welcoming. CLICK HERE to read the full article at

Cutting It With The Best

Just five years since its launch, the London School of Barbering is now welcoming students from across the globe to its academies in Covent Garden and Farringdon. BQ caught up with co-founder Justis McEvilly to hear how they’re shaping up the barbering sector… CLICK HERE to read the full article at

Young Hairdressers Set For Success

Young hairdressers from across London and Essex gathered in Bethnal Green recently for the finals of major hair competition, the Central Hair Show.
The event was organised by the Central Hairdressing Academy and Joshua Galvin Academy who train hairdressing and barbering apprentices from across London and Essex. New sponsors, Barkers Hairdressing Supplies, donated a huge array of scissors and heated tools for winners and runners-up.
Trainees from salons initially submitted pictures of their entries and a panel made up of renowned hairdressers, including Andrew Barton, selected entrants for the grand final at Bethnal Green Town Hall. CLICK HERE for the full article at

Discovering Ways to Create a Good Hair Day

Discovering Ways To Create A Good Hair Day

There are many tips and techniques that can be learned when it comes to hair care. By using the following article’s advice, you can determine the best hairstyle for both your personality and appearance.

When you are attending to the shampooing and conditioning of your hair, make sure that you thoroughly rinse off all product after it has been applied and that none remains on your hair follicles. Product that is left to build up on your hair can lead to lifeless and dull locks.

Take a daily multi-vitamin. One of the best ways to ensure healthy hair growth is to take in a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins. Taking a daily multi-vitamin will supplement your dietary intake to ensure that your body’s needs are met or exceeded. Select a high-quality vitamin designed for people of your age and gender… CLICK HERE for the full article at

NashWhite Featured in Creative Head Magazine

Drawing inspiration from the volcanic beaches of Iceland, Nash White combine dark backdrops, choppy lines and wet stained skin to evoke the island’s inky sand and white sea froth. With weightless texture and muted washes of contrasting colour, the hair also hints at the ethereal Northern Lights reflecting off the water’s surface. CLICK HERE to see the collection at

Lee Nash-Jones (styling) and Rob White (colour)
Sian Duke 
Chris Harris

Learn How Hormones Play an Important Role in Hair Loss


Hormones can play a significant role in hair loss. Here we discover some of the science involved in typical male pattern baldness, as well as details about other hormonal factors that can cause various types of hair loss.

CLICK HERE for the full article at

50 Best Hair Care Secrets Revealed

There are good secrets and there are bad secrets. The best kind of secrets, though, are the kind that allow you to better yourself. Little “tricks” or “tips” of sorts that should be common knowledge, but aren’t. These are the kind of secrets that should be disseminated widely so they aren’t secrets anymore.

Today I’m dishing on hair secrets (naturally!) and I have some positively juicy tidbits that’ll make you say to yourself, “Ooh! I’ve never thought of doing that before!”

I’m not saying the below information will change your life or anything, but I can say with utmost certainty that you will walk away with more hair knowledge and know-how than you did before reading. And that’s a wonderful thing, hair lovers. CLICK HERE for the 50 Best Hair Care Secrets Revealed, at

If you want a bright future and the chance to reach your full potential, then New College is a great place to be!

The sheer number and diversity of programmes here is amazing – choose from over 175 academic and work-related courses at all levels which will help you to get to university or your first job. You’ll be taught by highly-qualified staff who will develop, stretch and challenge you to achieve the best you can. CLICK HERE for the full article at

Big Hair Do 2016 Participating Salons Are Revealed!

Big Hair Do 2016 participating salons are revealed!

Big Hair Do 2016 is taking place on Wednesday 28th September and here is the list of all the salons taking part.

Big Hair Do 2016 is coming to a salon near you on the evening of Wednesday 28th September.

Salons all over the country have signed up to take part – if your salon is on the list then get in touch to make sure they save you a space. And we’ve got more to come – we will keep you updated as the list gets longer.

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