The Easyfoil 3-Colour foil system provides the stylist with everything they need to make multi-colour applications fast, easy and more creative.

The foil dispenser makes it simple to select and apply the precise amount of foil needed, whatever the length of hair. The patented “up-cutting” blade ensures a clean, wrinkle-free length every time.

The integrated colouring bowls and tools shelf includes 4 colouring bowls and holds brushes, combs and tongs.

The detachable waste bin makes it easy to gather and recycle used foil.

The Easyfoil Trio Workstation is designed with stability and mobility in mind. Mounted on 5 easy-glide castors, its fully welded construction will provide years of use.


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The Trio Workstation provides everything the stylist needs – right at the point of delivery.

One of the key features in the design of the Trio Workstation is the ability to select and cut the correct length of foil and apply the colour while always keeping a free hand to hold the hair in place. This allows the stylist to be much more precise in locating the foil and colour right up to the root. By using the different shades of foil as a key to the colour being applied, the stylist can be more accurate, more efficient and more creative.


The Easyfoil 3-Colour Foil system gives the stylist a key to colour placement, providing more accuracy – saving wasted time in double checking colour location.

Being able to select precisely the length of foil required each time improves quality and eliminates loss and wastage. Rather than having a pile of crinkled foils that can get blown away, the stylist selects the perfect foil each and every time and applies it straight to the head. When the length of foil is selected, the stylist simply pulls the foil in an upward motion against the cutting blade, giving a perfect foil every time.

The trio Workstation includes 4 firmly located colouring bowls as well as holes to position combs and brushes – no more chasing a colour bowl across a flat surface.

The Workstation also has a removable waste bin. This allows the stylist to remove the foils without having to take the client to a back wash – more time saved and more convenient for the client.


The Easyfoil system provides everything a stylist needs to delivery the highest level of quality when using hair foils. Being able to add extra layers of value to the client is so important to the overall success of a salon. Our Workstation and coloured hair foils are designed not just to be practical but also to be attractive to your clients, showing an extra commitment to using the best tools available. A savvy stylist will include an explanation of the Easyfoil method during the colour consultation that will give the client confidence in their professionalism and a high level of perceived value.

Easyfoil Trio Workstation
Easyfoil Trio Workstation